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eastside schoolEastside Elementary School

Eastside Elementary is the newest of seven schools that make up the Grady County School System. Eastside was formed by joining the "old" Beckbranch School, formerly located in Calvary, Georgia, closed during desegregation and consolidation and was reopened in 1973 for the county's kindergarten unit for the next 10 years. During the 1984 school term the school was literally moved 16 miles to Cairo and became the rear half of the new Eastside Elementary School. Nine rooms and a media center were added during the two-year construction transition.

Students and teachers were drafted as a result of redistricting Northside and Southside schools. During this time, all in-town elementary schools became kindergarten through fourth grades. In 1993, 5th grade was moved from the middle schools to each elementary school.

In 1992, nine classrooms were built, in 2002, eight additional classrooms were built, a new physical education building was built and was ready for the opening of the 2005-2006 school year. In the fall of 2005 construction began on nine additional classrooms.

Through the years, Eastside has grown both in student number and physical size. Eastside serves as the home of the county's Special Education Pre-K program and the class for the students with mild intellectual disabilities. 

Our faculty is dedicated to our students. We have forty-two teachers, one music teacher, one speech/language pathologist, one & one-half ESOL teachers, twenty paraprofessionals, four custodians, seven lunchroom workers, one media specialist, one counselor, one instructional coordinator, one assistant principal, and one principal assigned to Eastside.

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